Dinophysis norvegica

  • Cell of Dinophysis norvegica from net haul (0-50 m depth) at cruise AeN707 (Nansen Legacy project), station P5 on August 2019.


Cells are laterally flattened and have distinct walls (theca) with lists delimiting a subapical cingulum and wings delimiting the sulcus. The wings and lists are narrow and the left sulcus list is markedly larger than the right and have three supporting lists. Many distinct areola are distributed over the theca which is composed of two large plates in the hypotheca and two smaller sized plates in the epitheca. Cells are flattened with a regular convex dorsal outline and protuberances along the suture of the hypotheca plates may give a rugged outline especially of the antapical part. The cells are widest above the middle part of the cell body. Cells contain reddish-brown chloroplasts/symbionts.


Cell length 50-80 µm.


Throndsen, J., Hasle, G.R. and Tangen, K., 2007. Phytoplankton of Norwegian coastal waters. Almater Forlag AS. 341 pp.